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For almost 10 years, We have created unforgettable tours to China. Many are tailored. Here is a sample of the best itineraries.

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  • beijing tripsBEIJING & CHENGDE

    Beijing is the capital of China, where hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics successfully and won reputation...

  • sightseeing toursSIGHTSEEING

    Sightseeing tour is your connection to the hottest locations and attractions in China...


    Yunnan, it’s such a mystery land where peaks and gorges crises crossing, lakes and rivers dotted, with different distinctive minorities live in.

  • culture journeyCULTURE JOURNEY

    China is one of the 4 ancient civilizations. From the vertical aspect China has the history more than 5,000 years; from horizontal there are 56 nationalities here.

  • guilin holidayGUILIN & YANGSHUO

    Guilin is called one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The magic hills, caves, rivers, and historic culture confirm its reigns of position in the tourism without doubt.

  • three gorges toursTHREE GORGES TOURS

    Cruise on the longest river of China, you'll appreciate the fabled nature scene along the Yangtze River and the modern man-made marvels “Three Gorges Dam” .


    Guizhou is a colorful land where you can have various impressions from different color views, especially, the strong minority color.

  • adventure tourADVENTURE

    Adventure Tour is your exploration and connection to the fascinating nature with your body, your heart, your eyes, even your soul....

  • hangzhou tourSHANGHAI, SUZHOU & HANGZHOU

    The skyscrapers in Shanghai and the ancient graceful gardens from Suzhou &Hangzhou make you experience a culture symphony composed by eastern and western cultures.

  • wildlife tourWILDLIFE

    Wildlife Tour is the original nature live show. It’s "face to face" to exceed those you get in articles, photo albums, or other media like TV programs before absolutely.

  • tibet and lhasa toursTIBET & LHASA

    Glorious architectural complex and Tibetan Buddhism Culture make Tibet to be one of the most remarkable places to visit in Asia without doubt.

  • china photo toursPHOTO TOURS

    The characteristic natural landscape, flora and fauna, local customs in particular … will satisfy you and your lens during your photo tour in China.

  • yellow mountainMT. HUANGSHAN / YELLOW MOUNTAIN

    The archetypal granite peaks and twisted pines are the symbols of Mt.Huang. It’s the place replaces the hustle and bustle world with its own tranquility.


    The average speed of these clean, comfortable and modem trains is over 200km/h, so touring China by high-speed bullet train will be a fresh and memorable experience to you.

  • great wall travel packagesGREAT WALL

    It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World which was originally built in 220 BC. In China there is an old words "He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man."

  • golf vacationsGOLF TOURS

    Enjoy the works by the world’s famous golf course designers and magnificent scenery at the same moment, this tour will be a remarkable page in your golf lifetime.

  • Xi'an & Terra-cotta Warriors TourXI'ANi & TERRA-COTTA WARRIORS

    Xi’an is the cradle of the Chinese civilization, the state capital of 73 emperors spanning 11 dynasties during 1100 years dating from 4000B.C.

  • city tripsCITY TRIPS

    Like a northern man’s vigorous, southern lady’s grace, western farmer’s plain, & eastern modern girl’s fashion, cities in China can enlarge your imagination….

  • silk road tourSILK ROAD

    It has unique landscape along with the historic culture and regarded as a historical network of interlinking trade routes across the Afro-Eurasian landmass since 206BC.

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