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Jianshui is located in southeast of Yunnan, 220kms southeast away from Kunming and 117kms northeast away from Yuanyang. It has over 1,200 years long history, and full filled with culture heritages from the ancient time. Jianshui is famous for its old-style architecture, friendly folk and dizzying array of historic sights. It keeps a village atmosphere, with old streets and some traditional houses, located all around the city, and especially around the Chaoyang Gateway Arch in Jianshui Old Quarter. Confucius Temple, right in the center, is the second biggest temple dedicated to Confucius in China. 

Attractions of Jianshui:

Confucius Temple: 

Jianshui Confucius Temple located in the northwest of the downtown center, and built in 1258 (the 22nd year of the Zhiyuan era of the Yuan Dynasty). It covers 7.5 hectares and is the second largest Confucius Temple next to the Qufu Confucius’ hometown. At present there are a great hall, a pavilion, a two-storeyed pavilion, two wing rooms, two central halls, three memorial halls and eight decorative archways. The buildings are set in a magnificent way, with glistening glazed-tile roofs, and the temple is considered the best of its kind in the province. The most distinctive building is the Dacheng Hall. The whole building is supported by 28 giant pillars, of which 20 are carved out of black marble. At the ancient time, the Temple had operated as a school nearly 750years.

The Private Garden of the Zhu Family:

The Private Garden of the Zhu Family also named Grand View Garden of South Yunnan, lies in Jianxin Street, which covers more than 2, 000 square meters and a floor space of 5,000 square meters. It’s a comprehensive large scale dwelling of Qing dynasty that shows the ancient architecture of the area in its perfect original form. Private Garden of Zhu Family symbolizes the garden style of the local rich in the past. The big garden is composed of many courtyards, a little open-air theatre, and the family ancestral hall. With the well - arranged yards and well - furnished rooms and halls, the structure of the architecture can be described as "streamlined". Today, it is one of the provincial cultural relics.

Shuanglong Bridge:

Shuanglong Bridge located in 3kms west of the town, whose arches across the confluence of Lujiang River and Tachong River. It’s a stone bridge with three pavilions and seventeen arches. Although the 17 spans were built in different eras, they matched perfectly, with 3-storied pavilion sitting in the middle and 2 at the ends of the bridge. The whole bridge is built with tens of thousands of big bluish - gray sandstones. It follows the traditional style of China’s arch bridge. It’s the perfect fusion of the building science and plastic arts of the bridge. It condenses the superb technology and intelligence of Yunnan’s people.


Tourists getting in Jianshui can take express bus. From Kunming to Jiangshui is 220kms and needs about 3-4 hours. People getting around Jiangshui can take public buses, minibuses, or taxi. If you hire a taxi, you should be able to get as far as Tuanshan for around Y20.

Local food: 

might even see some Muslim vendors pushing carts around the street laden with huge cakes. Barbecue is also popular in Jianshui, you can taste it when you arrive there.

Shopping in Jianshui

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