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Festivals in Yunnan China


Festival Location Lunar calendar 2010 2011 2012
Water-Splashing Festival Jinhong, Xishuangbanna 13-15th April fixed in Western calendar
Sanyuesan Western Hills, Kunmíng 3rd of 3rd 16th April

5th April

24th March
Fertility Festival Lijiang 13th of 3rd 26th April 15th April 5th April
Third Moon Fair Dali 15th-21st of 3rd 28 April- 4 May 17-23rd April 5th-11th April
Guanyin Pavilion Festival Dali 19th of 3rd 2nd May 23rd March 11th March
Three Temples Festival Dali 23rd-25th of 4th 5-7th June 24-26th May 11-13rd June
Guanyin Pavilion Festival Dali 19th of 6th 30th July 19th July 6th August
Torch Festival Shilin,Dali,Lijiang, Chuxiong 24th of 6th 4th August 24th July 11th August
Guanyin Pavilion Festical Dali 19th of 9th 26th October 15th December 2nd November


Holidays in Yunnan


Holidays Lunar calendar 2010 2011 2012
New Year 1st January fixed in Western calendar
Spring Festival / Chinese New Year 1st of 1st 14th February 3rd February 23rd January
Ching Ming Festival 5th April fixed in Western Calendar
Dragon Boat Festival 5th of 5th 16th June 6th June 23rd June
Labour Day 1st May fixed in Western calendar
Mid-autumn Festival 15th of 8th 22nd September 12th September 30th September
National Day Holiday 1st October fixed in Western calendar

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